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Providing Education, Guidance & Support on your Cannabis Journey

~ all experience levels welcome ~
~ we do not provide, produce, sell, deliver or distribute cannabis in any form ~

Are you curious about Cannabis and don’t know where to get your questions answered?

Are you a long term patient and looking for new ways to medicate?

We provide Private & Personalized, Individual Cannabis Guidance, Small Group Cannabis Education & Guidance & Medication Product Guidance & Consultation; we’ll work with you through each step, follow up and help you learn how to safely and legally build a routine that works for you to medicate with different types of cannabis and CBD products.
We realize many Medical Marijuana patients may not be able to drive. Contact us to make arrangements.

Need more?
We also work in conjunction with a certified Yoga Therapy Instructor & a Certified Medical Reiki Master to provide you with ultimate wellness.

Take care of your Mind, Body & Spirit

(you do not need a medical card to begin working with us)

Meet Molly and Brandy (the Doobie Sisters)

“We went to the same high school, know the same friends, we’re even engaged to twin brothers; it just makes sense that we’d grow up and become best friends!”

We are physically polar opposites, but we both share a love of helping, teaching, guiding and above all, healing with Cannabis.
When we “officially” met 8 years ago we were just getting to know each other and learning about how the other uses Cannabis to improve our lives. Now, we’re best friends who have a common goal of educating anyone who wishes on how to legally, safely and effectively use Cannabis.

Brandy watched Molly, a teacher for 15 years, go through the pain, trials and turbulence of battling Crohn’s disease and discovered that her teaching background made her an amazing educator in general, but when she talks about what she’s passionate about (cannabis, health and wellness), the lessons are invaluable! If you haven’t already, you can read about Molly’s journey here.

Molly cannot use all of the products on the market due to her health, and she relies on Brandy, the founder and owner of tōk designs, for the information of what is safe, effective and versatile. She focusses on the down to earth “real-life” application of Cannabis, the products that make medicating easier, how to apply the methods to real life and learning to embrace what involving Cannabis in your daily routine can do for you as a woman, mother and thriving human being.

Using Molly’s in depth, scientific knowledge and Brandy’s real world approach, and our combined love of helping people learn to feel better naturally we know we can find the best route for you to begin your green journey!

We look forward to meeting you!

Information to know before you begin:

1. We do not treat, diagnose, prescribe or heal. We are not doctor’s, we are educators.
2. You must understand how your body works in order to heal, you are 100% responsible for your own health.
3. Our recommendations are based on your unique needs, based on the information you have given us, not the person in front of you.
4. We do not supply, provide, distribute, or sell Cannabis in any form.
5. You must be over 18 or with a Parent/Legal Guardian.
6. You do not need to have a Medical Marijuana Card to work with us.
7. Each person’s results will vary based on their body and many other factors.
8. Consult your physician before starting on any plant-based supplements, and monitor your results daily.
9. Stop taking “any” new supplement “immediately” if your body gives you any unwanted signals.
10. Do not stop taking prescribed medication without first consulting your physician.

Last, but not least, Have Fun! *If you are unable to drive, please contact us to make arrangeents.


Digestive Issues
Womanhood and Cannabis
Motherhood and Cannabis
Ailment Specific Medication
Working with Budtenders
Strain Guidance
THC/CBD Percentages
Bongs & Pipes
Family & Friends
Social Situations
Rules and Regulations
Medical Card Licensing

Never stop learning, never stop growing.

Please help us learn more about you, your interests and how we can help guide you on your Green Journey.
Contact us to schedule your private session or education for a small group.

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